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Take advantage of empty medicine bottle for cute little projects. I used one to make a feminine storage case for nail supplies.


P.S. The pics help with the instructions. Click on images to enlarge them.

_______________»      Pill Bottle Nail Kit Tutorial     «_______________

You will need . . .  pill bottle nail kit 1

  • pencil
  • scissors
  • masking tape
  • contact paper
  • clear “scotch” tape
  • permanent marker (i.e. sharpie)
  • empty pill bottle tall enough to hold nail supplies
  • nail clipper & any other small nail supplies

Time for Fun . . . 

Prep the Bottle — Take the lid off the bottle.

Wash, clean, and dry an empty medicine bottle very well. Don’t leave any residue from the medicine. Clean the lid too.

Peel off the medication label. The bottle will be sticky from the label glue, but that will give the contact paper some extra stick.pill bottle nail kit 2

Take the lid off the bottle.

Measuring the Bottle Tear off a long piece of masking tape.

Wrap the tape around the bottle. Allow the the tape to overlap itself by about ¼-inch. Mark the measurement on the tape.

Remove the tape from the bottle and cut the tape at the marked line.pill bottle nail kit 3

Contact Paper Length  Choose your contact paper. Line up one end of the masking tape evenly with the left edge of the contact paper. Lay the masking tape (sticky side down) on the contact paper. Use the contact paper guides lines to place the masking tape as straight as possible.

Draw a line on the contact paper where the masking tape ends. This is how long the paper needs to be to wrap around the bottle.

Contact Paper Height Now we need to measure hpill bottle nail kit 4ow tall the paper needs to be.

Lay the bottle along the line made in the masking tape step. Line up the bottom of the grooves on the bottle with the top edge of the contact paper. Make sure the bottle is straight. Draw a line on the contact paper using the bottom of the bottle as a guide.

Move the bottle to the left a few inches. Line up the grooves and the top of the pill bottle nail kit 5contact paper again, and draw another line; Do this until you reach the end of the masking tape/contact paper.

Use a ruler and a pencil to connect the lines into one straight line.

Cutting Out Now, cut out the contact paper along the drawn lines.

Attaching Paper Peel away half of the contact paper backing.

Carefully wrap the contact paper around the bottle, smoothing and straightening as you go, and peeling away more backing as you go. Keep the backing for making the label.

Trim any contact paper that is troublesome.pill bottle nail kit 6

Lid Cover Next, lay the lid face down on the back of a piece of contact paper. Trace around the cap. Cut out the circle.

Peel the backing from the contact paper circle and center it on the lid. Smooth out the contact paper.

New Label It helps to know what’s inside this cute little jar.pill bottle nail kit 7

Tear off a piece of Scotch tape. Tape it to the shiny side of the contact paper backing. Try out different types of writing styles until you get the one you like best. Next, use a Sharpie marker to write “Nail Kit” on the Scotch tape. Then stick the tape on the newly covered bottle. And you have this!pill bottle nail kit 9

Lastly, add the contentspill bottle nail kit 8 . . .

Well . . . . what do you think?