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menu plan mon It’s Monday evening! Did you get your menu together for the week?

One of the things that I have found to be of help when planning breakfasts and lunches is to base it around the dinner menu.

Oftentimes, I will incorporate something from the previous day’s dinner in breakfast. And leftovers for lunch is pretty much always a hit.

If I know that I will be serving leftover rice for breakfast for example, I will make sure to cook extra for dinner the evening before. That means there is one less thing for me to make in the morning.

And what makes these meals so great is that I add something fresh to the leftovers such as fresh eggs, a fresh salad or fresh fruit or vegetable. It really perks things up and makes the leftovers seem not so leftover-ish.

It’s the time for kitchen creativity to shine through.

Til next time my little dumplings,