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menu plan mon It’s Monday again! Take time out today to plan your family’s menu for the week. Then reward yourself with a cup of hot tea.

Today, I want to share a little menu planning tip.

Sometimes, we become unexpectedly busy. An emergency happens and throws us off schedule and out of balance.

When there is no time to menu plan (it does happen), pull out a menu from a prior week to use.

Better still, keep a couple of “busy menus” in your binder.

Busy menus are meals that are completely planned out by you when life is at it’s normal pace, and are to be used when things get hectic. These meals should be simple yet nutritious and easy to make. They may even include previously prepared freezer meals.

So, if today is a good time, write up an extra week’s worth of meals. Label it “Busy Menu” and place it in your kitchen binder or some other handy place.