Dearest Dew-Drops,

menu plan monHopefully yesterday you completed your menu plan for the week. It’s not too late if you did not do it.

I want to share a helpful tip when menu planning for active families: have the family calendar nearby.

Most families are very busy. There’s doctor appointments, school and sports activities, visits to grandparents, and a whole lot more.

Knowing that you will be at the doctor with son #3 on Thursday, for example, will definitely impact your ability to cook dinner.

However, by taking the family’s schedule into consideration when menu planning, you can be super prepared. You may need to prep cook earlier in the day or even the night before. Or a crock pot meal or freezer meal may be better options.

Another tip is to keep several “easy-peasy lemon-squeesy” meal options in your binder for those days you know you will be out of the house for extended periods of time. You know, the meals your family loves but that require the least amount of effort and time to get together.

Working within your family’s schedule while devising meal combinations will reduce stress, keep everyone fed, and keep the household running smoothly.

-`ღ .·· Mom ··.ღ´-