How wonderful it is that our Creator, Allah has put everything we need right here on our planet. And how awe-inspiring that what we tend to think of as “trash” really isn’t.

Like chicken eggs for instance. Don’t toss out the shells. Instead, make fertilizer!

egg_uncookedLet the egg shells dry out. I keep a little container above the kitchen sink that I gently place shells in so as not to spill the egg that’s left over.

Once dry, I transfer the shells to a plastic bag inside a large container. I smush the shells so more of them will fit. I keep them there until I need them.

To make fertilizer, put the dried egg shells in a blender. Blend until you get a fine powder.

Sprinkle your egg shell fertilizer in your garden! How self-reliantly amazing is that?

Now you may be wondering how this fertilizer works.

Well, egg shells —often used in place of limestone— contains calcium which:

  • helps plants absorb nutrients better
  • provides calcium and magnesium for plants
  • corrects acidic soil — acidic soils reduce plant growth, and some plants won’t even grow in acidic soil. Lots of rainfall causes acidic soil by washing away minerals.

Hope you enjoyed today’s little gardening tip!