Spring has sprung! alHamdulillah!

garden globeNow, make gardening easier. The Cooperative Extension office’s monthly gardening calendars lists reminders for important garden chores.

  • Go to the Cooperative Extension interactive US map
  • Click on your state then county
  • Find (or search for) the “monthly garden calendar”

Here’s some of what’s happening for April:

Sustainable Gardening
-monitor garden for problems before they happen
-skip the toxic garden chemicals

Pest Management
-removing hiding places for insects
-monitor plants for bugs; wash them away with water
-weed in and near the garden

-keep up your garden journal
-prep your soil
-track soil temperatures for planting

Maintenance and Clean Up
-apply compost/fertilizers
-protect transplants

-plant flowers that like cool temps
-see which veggies to plant this time of year

ღ♥ Mom 

P.S. Here is a blank printable Monthly Garden Chore List