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It’s Monday! What’s on your menu for the week?

And now that winter is fading quickly, what do you have in store for your family to eat?

beet_w_stem_TWinter vegetables are great. But spring fruits and vegetables are amazing! They are bright and fresh.

Here is a quick list of spring fruits and vegetables to include in your meals:

–Arugula                             –Leeks
–Asparagus                         –Lemons
–Beets                               –Lettuce
–Baby Carrots (the real kind)  –Mint
–Chard                               –Navel Oranges
–Cherries                            –New Potatoes
–Fava Beans                        –Parsley
–Fennel                              –Pea greens
–Green Garlic                       –Peas
–Grapefruit                         –Rhubarb
–Green Onions/Scallions         –Spinach
–Greens                              –Spring onions
–Kiwis                                 –Strawberries
–Kumquats                          –Turnips

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