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It’s Monday again! What’s on your menu for the week? And most importantly, when did you make all those decisions?

menu plan monOne of my favorite pieces of advice for young ladies is this: Don’t be uptight in the kitchen!

Make the meals you will enjoy cooking and that your family will enjoy eating.

Don’t always pair green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, with meat loaf, for example. That gets boring and repetitive.

Instead, choose other vegetables/sides that are exciting but that still match well with meat loaf.

Express yourself freely when meal planning. Think up combinations that taste good while still preparing the foods your family is used to eating.

And you don’t have to find new recipies to loosen up in the kitchen. Consider foods you already know how to cook but vary the cooking methods for those foods. Alternate baking a food item, with even steaming, sauteing, boiling, or frying it. Potatoes aren’t only for baking or frying, for example.

Hope this inspires you to reach for new heights!

`♥´Mom `♥´