JoAnn Fabrics has McCalls patterns on sale for 70¢ each thru Aug 17 {limit 10}!

While that is excellent news, many patterns need fiddling with to be considered modest. Make adjustments to patterns as necessary such lengthening a dress or skirt, adding or lengthening sleeves, or making an item fit looser.

Here’s a most modest pattern quick list. I’ve included the ones that can even be used as-is to make abayas.

.♥ والدة walidah ♥.

McCall’s Modest Patterns

Raising Modest Daughters: Dress little girls modestly while they are still young so they can get used to knowing what it feels and looks like insha’Allah. Allowing young girls to become accustomed to dressing immodestly ensures they will not have a good understanding of the subject when older.