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O Daughters,

Make room on your calendar for this 3-day seminar on marriage.

It’s being held in Toronto (live) and also online.

Remember, take notes!

Attend Online:

Seminar Schedule:

  • Friday September 27th
    1330 (1:30pm EST) Khutbah (Rasheed Barbee)
    1400 (2pm EST) Telelink (Shaykh Fu’aad al-Amree)
    1930 (7:30pm EST) Lecture 1 TBA (Sulaymaan al-Haiyiti)
    2045 (10:45pm EST) Lecture 2 TBA (Rasheed Barbee)
  • Saturday September 28th
    1400 (2pm EST) Telelink (Shaykh ‘Abdul-Qaadir al-Junayd)
    1700 (5pm EST) Lecture 3 TBA (Sulaymaan al-Haiyiti)
    1930 (7:30pm EST) Lecture 4 TBA (Rasheed Barbee)
    2045 (10:45pm EST) Q&A Session (Rasheed Barbee / Sulaymaan al-Haiyiti)
  • Sunday September 29th
    1400 (2pm EST) Lecture 5 (Rasheed Barbee)
    1700 (5pm EST) Lecture 6 TBA (Sulaymaan al-Haiyiti)

Family matters! So join us in Toronto or online for a weekend of emphasis on the Muslim family as we focus on the relationship between husband and wife, marital bliss versus marital discord,  the most important companion on the journey of life.

Seminar Source: Troid.ca

.♥ والدة walidah ♥.