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Dear Loveys,

Some people would have you believe —falsely of course— that man began life in caves, were brutish and lacked intelligence. Perhaps, that is the ancestral history of some people.

Others of us, however, believe what has reached us from prophetic sources.

An example is ibn Kathir ad-Damishqi (d. 774 H). In the chapter, “The Story of Adam and Eve” from the book Stories of the Prophet ibn Kathir writes:

“The first of their [Adam and Eve] clothing was from sheep’s wool. He [Adam] separated them and then spun wool (by me) in basket (open clipart)them. After wards, he wove a Jubbah for himself and a dress and headscarf for Eve” (p. 44).

We learn that Adam (alayhe salaam) wore a Jubbah, which is a long outer garment with wide sleeves.

We also learn that Adam:

— needed clothing for himself and his wife
— took responsibility for clothing for his family
— used the wool from sheep
— processed, spun, and wove the sheep’s wool
— wove a woolen loose garment for himself and his wife
— was the first human to produce cloth from sheep wool

draped sheetMy dears, non-Muslim historians, weavers, crocheters/knitters, etc., speculate on the origins of wool for garments, some even connecting imaginary dots to the ancient Romans or Greeks. They speak about things they have no knowledge of.

Real knowledge —authentic, true, accurate knowledge— comes from Islam. Many a folk within the Muslim collective possess a great breadth and depth of knowledge in numerous subject areas, some of which reaches far back into human history.

.♥ والدة walidah ♥.