Dear Kittens,

Below is the guidance on health and food given to us by our Prophet {sallallhu alayhe wa sallam}. Notice the strong emphasis on eating food during it’s season. And just for fun, I threw in a little food quiz!

.♥ والدة walidah ♥.

Prophetic Medicine: Eat Seasonally

. . . the Prophet used to eat from the fruits that were in season in his land, as this also is one of the best methods of preserving health.

Allah’s wisdom decided that every land has its own fruits that are suitable and beneficial to that land when in season. When the people consume these fruits they will help preserve their health and well being and it serves as several medicines.

On the other hand, those who refrain from eating the fruits of their area will be among the most ailing persons and the farthest from good health and well being.

The wetness that the various fruits contain represents the favorable heat of the season and the land. The stomach would then be able to bring the fruits to maturity and would fend off their harm, if one does not eat them excessively causing his nature to bear what it cannot bear.″ 

— Medicine of the Prophet

Quick Quiz
—what is one of the best ways to stay healthy?
—who decided which land/country a fruit and vegetable originally belonged to?
—why does a fruit or vegetable grow better in one place and not another?
—what makes that fruit/vegetable grow better in one place over another?
—we can get medicine from the doctor, but where else can we get medicine?
—what are three ways to get sick when it comes to food?
—what job do our stomachs do when we eat fruits and vegetables?
—name at least three ways to stay healthy?