Eating seasonally is a lot of fun. In-season fruits and vegetables have so much flavor and help us stay healthy. Below is a list of what’s generally available this time of year.

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P.S. Preserve those flavors for use at a later date by using your favorite home preservation and food storage methods.

Fall Harvests

  • thru October:
    asian pears, broccoli, blueberries, greens, green beans, herbs, peppers, pumpkins, winter squash, sweet corn, tomatoes, hazelnuts
  • thru November:
    apples, cabbage, carrots, onions, honey
  • thru December:
    brussel sprouts, potatoes

Resources: PickYourOwn.org — Look for the pages “Crop Calendar” and “Typical Harvest Dates” to find out what’s currently in season to use weekly meals.