Dearest Sweetpeas,

garden globeMarch can be a good time for gardeners to:

  • plant all kinds of berries
  • plan vegetable gardens for the spring, summer and fall
  • use a soil thermometer lets you know when to plant cool-season crops (carrots, beets, broccoli, leeks, parsley, chives, rhubarb, peas, and radishes)
  • read those plant seed labels (see this: Lessons from your seed packet)

Have you made your gardening chore list for March? Here is a blank printable Monthly Garden Chore List.

If you have not made a chore list yet, take some time to do so. Your county extension office has made it easy for you. Go to the Cooperative Extension interactive US map. Click on your state then county and find (or search for) the “monthly garden calendar”

Also, be on the lookout for plant sales. Many Cooperative Extension offices start announcing them on their websites around this time of the year.

There are other places to look for plant sales too such as your local library website, arboretums, plant societies, nurseries, farmer’s markets, small farms, and area public schools.

Happy Sowing & Growing,
.♥ والدة walidah ♥.