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Dearest Honey Bees,

photo boxes 1I love photo boxes! They are just so pretty, especially the decorative ones!

Best of all, photo boxes are not plastic! They are sturdy cardboard.

How do I use photo boxes? photo box 2

Well, they are great for holding life’s little odds ‘n ends like writing supplies ———–>.

And items like yarn, CDs, and sewing supplies hide very well in photo boxes! So too do things needing to be stashed in a box on a book shelf.

Gphoto box 3rouping (and buying) boxes by themes/colors that match with a room’s decor.

And for economy’s sake, buy photo boxes on sale when possible! I recently purchased boxes at Micheals craft store on sale 7 for $10 ($1.42 ea) — the sale runs until Apr. 12th by the way.

No. I don’t work for Michaels. In fact, I rarely shop there. But, I could not pass up this sale; I needed/wanted more boxes to creatively and beautifully contain my household sprawl.

.♥ والدة walidah ♥.