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Good Morning ‘Akepas,

Honey_comb02Birds and bees—what a wonderful topic. Birds are delightful to watch and listen to. And bees are extremely useful to the gardener for they pollinate plants. Without this help of the bee, we would all be very hungry!

Teaching children about bees can help them understand why bees are necessary, as well as how to deal with bees in order to avoid stings, among other things.

Here is a simply written yet informative book about bees. The book was written in 1952 by Albert B. Tibbets. It’s available for free by the Prelinger Library at this link https://archive.org/details/firstbookofbees00tibbrich.

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“The Prelinger Library is a private research library open to the public, located in downtown San Francisco. Its collections encompass some 50,000 books, periodical volumes and printed ephemera. The Prelinger Library is currently curating this online collection of public domain materials in key subject areas.”