Here is a list of useful websites. By the way, I don’t agree with everything some of  these sites contain. So ignore the things that go against your religious upbringing even if and especially if you find them on Muslim-run sites.


Child Education

A Muslim Child is Born
Muslim homeschool blogger

Educating the Muslim Child (YemenLinks)
Sharing her homeschooling journey online by a Muslim blogger

Homeschooling Muslimah Mommies
“…to support, encourage, and assist Muslim families to trust themselves that they CAN teach their child”

Islamic Bulletin Boards
Bulletin Boards for homeschooling families

Muslim family shares homeschool resources and tips

Umm Abdul-Basirs Creative Corner
Muslim homeschool blogger

Umm Maimoonah’s Journal
A Muslim mother journals her beloved daughter’s home schooling progress


Muslim Wife Secrets
Tips and tricks to do at home and handmade things

Running a Muslim Home
By a Muslim blogger

Daily Striving
A sister’s struggle to be a better woman

Knowledge for Sisters

Sisters Book Club
Deen From The Scholars

Sisters on the Path
A site for the sisters that deals with sisters issues and more

Image Sources

Antique Clipart
Free Public Domain archives of Victorian, and Edwardian era clipart

Grandma’s Graphics
Unique graphics, illustrations and images collected from various vintage antique books.

The Graphics Fairy
Cute free vintage images and printables

Public Domain
Collection of expired copyright and public domain images.

Victorian Art For Mother
Antique images from the Victorian Era collection for personal use

Organization Tools

Pocket Mod
A small book made with a folded up piece of paper to keep yourself organized. The site lets you customize and print the book pages. Very handy!


Fatis Recipes
Deliciously good recipes from a Muslim blogger

A Year of Slow Cooking
Crock-Pot recipes

Sewing Modest Clothing

Kaftan Video Tutorial
by Sabina from Slip Stitches and More (there are lots of tutorials) a Muslim blogger

Free Islamic Patterns and Instructions

Free Prayer Garment Pattern


Single Overseas
Catering to the special needs of single, divorced and widowed women living, studying and working abroad


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  1. as salam alikum sisters
    thanks this is very helpful

Any tips/advices/thoughts you want to share with our young sisters?

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