forget me not tabletop closed 4-25-2000 9-51-43 PMLove growing from seeds? Here is a little tabletop “greenhouse” made from a berry container.

The vents in the container lets excess water flow out. The lid keeps things a bit warmer inside.

Making this greenhouse is such a wonderful project to do with the kids. They will get so excited especially when the seeds start to sprout.

I planted Forget-Me-Nots and Allysum in this container. The Forget-Me-Nots are doing great. However, the Allysum sprouted and then died.forget me not tabletop open 4-25-2000 9-51-59 PM

I also made plant markers from a (used) lollipop stick and masking tape. I wrote the name of the seed, it’s sowing date, and germination date range.

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How To: Upcycled Tabletop Greenhouse

Materialsberry greenhouse 1 2-23-2013 2-05-29 PM

  • Clear plastic vented hinged clam shell berry container (the kind for blueberries)
  • Seeds
  • Soil
  • Water
  • Plant markers

Instructions berry greenhouse 3 2-23-2013 2-20-12 PM 

  • Clean out fruit container.
  • Fill no more than half way with dirt.
  • “Plow” 2 or 3 rows using something like a popsicle stick or tooth pick.
  • Put seeds in plowed furrows. 
  • Cover with dirt.
  • Water gently but well. See Epsom Salt Plant Fertlizer.
  • Label rows. See DIY Plant Markers.berry greenhouse final 2-23-2013 3-10-21 PM
  • Close the lid and place container in a sunny location.
  • Open the lid as needed to water the greenhouse goodies.