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Dearest Apple Dumplings,

I set out today gathering some photos from sales advertisements to cut out and paste into my personal LookBook—my Pinterest in paper form before there was even such a thing.

One of the pictures that caught my eye was of some fabric napkins. They’re beautiful! And I want to make my own!

So I have challenged myself to a napkin-making duel. I’m not sure how many I want or what the start and stop dates will be yet.

And although I have enough projects to keep me busy, I think the napkins will just be my thing for a while.

And having template(s) cut from poster board, or maybe even cardboard will make the process quicker.

You are more than welcome to join me on this challenge. If you do, here are a few fabric napkin tutorials from around the web:

Reversible Fabric Napkin with Rick Rack Edged

Fabric Napkin with Mitered Corners

Good For Beginner and Experienced Sewers:

Free Cloth Napkin pattern (pdf) 12-inch square

How to Sew a Simple Napkin

Napkins Including How to Make Template

Napkin Set Part 1

Stitch a Dinner Napkin