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My Dears,

I have a short reading on laughter below. As you learn the way in which our Prophets—all men—laughed, think about how their manners in laughing applies to us as women.

How do you react to something funny? Do you respond in a boisterous, knee-slapping, table-pounding, snorting manner? Or is your laughter suitable to your gender and religion?

Pay attention to your style. Make adjustments if and when necessary! Ask family and friends to help you if you need it. And as with any self-improvement project, do not be hard on yourself. The goal is to succeed, not to put yourself down.


The Manners of Laughing

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Story of Sulaiman and the Ant–Surah An-Naml (Ch. 27: 15-19)

Tafseer ibn Sa’di (499/3)

The Noble Sheikh Abu Abdullah Abdur Rahman ibn Sa’dee, may Allah have
mercy upon him, said, “Therefore Sulaiman peace and blessings are upon
him, heard her (the ant’s) statement and he understood it,

“So he (Sulaiman) smiled, amused at her speech.”(Chapter 27 verse 19)

So he admired her advice to her nation and the good way she expressed

And this is the condition of the Prophets, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon them, they had complete manners and they would show admiration or be impressed at the right times although their laughter would not go beyond a smile.

Such was the Messenger of Allah peace and blessings are upon him, most of his laughter was (only) smiling.

Because verily boisterous laughing ( القهقهة ) is a sign of foolishness and bad
manners and not smiling and being impressed at those things that are
impressive is a sign of vile character and arrogance; and the Messengers are
free from such a thing.

The Manners of Laughing
Translated by Rasheed Barbee

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